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Pride Advantage Club


Your Climate. Controlled. With the Pride Advantage Club.

Enjoy the peace of mind that only Pride Advantage Club can bring. As an advantage member, you’ll know that your heating and cooling system is always running at peak efficiency, saving you money and protecting your warranty. Your annual membership includes:

AC Maintenance: A 20-point Spring inspection and tune-up of your air conditioner, plus one air quality test

Furnace Maintenance: A 20-point Fall inspection and tune-up of your furnace, plus one air quality test

Priority, 24-hour Service: Jump to the head of the “line” during peak season, knowing that you’re our first priority, day or night

15% Off Any Service: Parts and labor; this can more than pay for membership

Flexible Payment Options:
Membership is available for an annual investment of $191, or 12 monthly payments of $17.50

Regular maintenance also provides a host of additional benefits, including a reduction in utility bills, more efficient heating and cooling and increased lifespan for your HVAC system. Pride Advantage Club is an investment in your home and peace of mind. Additionally, our familiarity with your home means that small problems can be caught before they turn into big problems.

Take advantage of this membership today!

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